In 1918 Aniceto Verdi arrived in Chile from his native Italy with the intention of fulfilling a lifelong dream, to cultivate grapes, and produce wine. This dream was the principal reason for his voyage to Chile, a country that even in those years , was already known for the quality of its soil, its temperate climate, and excellent wine. Once in Chile, Aniceto chose to settle with his family in Chile´s Central valley and within a short time Aniceto was producing and selling wine from his home, in unlabelled bottles. But all around were familiar with his wines known as Casa Verdi.

The years passed and new generations returned to the seeds once planted by Aniceto. In 2004 the Manríquez and Verdi families decided to join forces and once again produce Casa Verdi wines. They created a cooperative of small wine producers in the Curicó and Maule valleys focused exclusively on the production of high quality wines for the international market. In 2007 the Combes and Ossandon families joined the company, bringing international marketing experience to Casa Verdi and strong support in the opening of new markets. In that same year Casa Verdi initiated a unique challenge in Chile, breaking the traditional paradigms of Chilean vineyards. Casa Verdi became a pioneer in the research , development , and production of wine in aluminum cans under the name of Elkan.

In 2009 Casa Verdi, in its continual search to improve and increase sales volumes formed a strong alliance with Chile´s Achurra family, who with half a century´s experience in the production of wine in the Central Valley, supplied quality wines with the latest technology in wine production processes.

Today, Casa Verdi Winery produces and exports outstanding quality wines in various formats from the Curicó and Maule valleys, sells in 21 countries and four continents, and has commercial offices in England and China.

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